Definitions: go at a slow, easy pace ;stroll; saunter
2, (of a horse) to go at slow pace with the legs moving in lateral pairs and usually having a four-beat rhythm. ambling gait.
4.a stroll.

Part of Speech:
verb, noun

Sample Sentences:
1.They walk on the ground and grab insects that they encounter, or that amble past them.
2.If you don't want to amble in there to review the specials, your waitress will recite them for you.
3.Office workers, families and school children amble past.
4.We amble down to the long wooden dock that juts out into the blue

Variations of the word: ambler, amblingly, ambling

Synonyms: constitutional, perambulation, ramble, range, saunter, stroll, turn, wander, stroll, tramp, tromp

Antonyms: go direct, stay, run, sprint